Google’s December 2020 core update: The Ultimate Guide on How to Attribute Your Company’s Revenue Growth to Your SEO Efforts During This Pandemic

Google’s December 2020 core update: The Ultimate Guide on How to Attribute Your Company’s Revenue Growth to Your SEO Efforts During This Pandemic

Changes that google has made recently truly impacted a lot of sites. Webmasters specialists are on the roll to adjust, observe and analyze the Google algorithm update continuously.  The update is surprisingly not shocking at all. Even with the pandemic crisis, the google algorithm update has not been delayed. How prepared are you with this demeaning situation? 

Here’s more on Google Core Update : Why keeping up with the google core update is crucial?

It is said to present the relevant and authoritative content to searchers which also affect entirely the Google Discover. Surely, your website speed, the ui experience is amongst the factors affecting the core update.But truly, as a whole, content relevancy plays a big role here. How so? Google Discover content’s quality is ranked by Google algorithmically. If it is based on content quality, undoubtedly the on page content and audience interest play vital parts. The rollout aftermath would scare the SEO specialist the most. 

Never take on-page content relevancy for granted

Let’s discuss the content relevance here. Ensuring the best, high quality content is what you need to beat the google core update. It is helpful to remove instantly low quality pages, improving the pages that eventually will help the rankings. The thing you can do is first to provide a complete, comprehensive description of the topic content other than to maintain the content originality with insightful analysis. However, it all depends on how the SEO specialist rectifies the issue and rebuilding the SEO tactics may help you get back on track.  If you’re having problems with adjusting to the right content to tackle the ranking, NexODN is the right platform for you.

What NexODN can do for you?

Here at Nexus, we try to update the content as frequently as possible. Providing satisfactory answers to our audiences is one of the most important to survive Google’s core updates. In order to meet the audience’s wants and needs, SERP analysis is the best tool to identify the key factors that satisfy user intent. With our smart Ai power recommendation tool, we can assist you on the entire SEO Singapore element in the shortest possible time. 

How so? Rank all you want, for your business. Let us do the extensive keyword search for you, by extensive means we find the right competitive terms for you. Elevating your business growth is our main responsibility, with this platform we can get more qualified and quality leads, which indirectly helps you rank on google. Optimizing the content can be challenging, we can make it hassle-free for you. With NexODN, we can reveal highly relevant and profitable topics well suited to your intent searchers. The excitement just does not stop there, you can monitor your SEO performance with a real-time rank tracking to make the whole process easier for you.

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